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The beast reared its ugly head
He’s always beside me
I swear I tried to fight him
How to kill what’s inside me?

Time freezes
In those few seconds of apprehension
A moment seems a light year
But he won the fight dear
Now I pay him urgent attention

I put much stock in defenses
I build those walls high
I yield a fiery armor
I try and I try

But he always gets in
He always gets in…
Let the destruction begin

He comes out at night
My own personal bogie man
I take his hand
He fools me
He deceives me
He draws me in
With untrue affections
And tasteless confessions

He sneaks up behind me
I roll over defeated
He eats up my insides
I hate that I need it…

The illusion of perfect

Oh the perfect
Oh so perfect
Kill me kill me
If I could

Oh the perfect
Oh sweet perfect
Kill you kill you
Yes it would

Precious, perfect
It can fill you
It can fill you
If you’re good

All but those on this lonesome path cannot possibly understand…
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